Our Community Farm

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The North Amherst Community Farm is a small, local, not-for-profit organization devoted to preserving farmland and promoting sustainable farming practices in our community. The capital campaign we completed in 2016 will preserve a 30+ acre farm property in North Amherst, MA.

How NACF works

NACF operates via a shared stewardship model; community owned farmland with a long-term, affordable lease to succeeding generations of farmers. Since its purchase in 2006, NACF’s farm property has been leased to Simple Gifts Farm , a for-profit entity which operates an organic CSA. This model will provide a local, sustainable food source and accessible open space for everyone in the community; not just for our own generation, but long after those of us who have invested in it are gone.Shared stewardship has already proven highly successful. SGF has worked hard at improving the farm; drilling a well and installing an irrigation system; clearing brush that encroached on the farm fields over decades; adding greenhouses for winter production and PV solar panels on the CSA share barn; increasing soil fertility using a small scale livestock program.

A Short Video