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Our historic barn deconstruction under way

The J-Team began their work to deconstruct the old barn.

Thanks to all of those who helped clean out the barn last April. That set the stage for this work to happen. We will be looking for additional help from active farm community members again when the take-down is complete and we have a pile of irredeemable wood waste that must be shifted up to the middle of the farm for burning.

The barn dates from the mid 19th century. It supported the original dairy farm but hadn’t been used as such for almost 50 years. Neither NACF nor Simple Gifts could think of a good use for such a large building, in such bad condition, so far away from the active farmland. The building was beyond repair really. So, reluctantly, we decided to take it down, and the Town Historic Commission agreed, with the understanding that we committed to extensive salvage of the material.

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