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We have done it!

Five years ago the NACF board had two enormous and persistent challenges even after 10 years of accomplishment. We had a $400,000 mortgage obligation to discharge, and we had an obligation to our lessee farmers to stabilize (and ideally enhance) the crumbling buildings — the farmhouse and barns — that we inherited.

Now, five years later, with the wonderful support of our community, we have fully retired the debt on the land and we have completed a major renovation of the farm house. Furthermore, at our June fundraising event, we raised the “last dollar” to pay for all this.


Over 80 supporters attending our June 16th Sunday Brunch fundraiser. We raised over $11,000 “in the room” and a further $9,000 from others unable to attend, thereby achieving our goal. The farmhouse renovation is fully paid for.


So we now have a strong and stable basis to support our lessee farmers who themselves have made (and are making) substantial investments in the farming infrastructure: the fencing, well and irrigation piping, a large PV array, the farm store, and now a new biomass boiler plant to heat their greenhouses independent of fossil fuel.

It is with considerable pride that we can now report all this — that we represent a successful model for other communities to follow, and that NACF can now move on to focusing on farm community activities like our annual strawberry and harvest festivals, food and farm education activities, and much more.

There will still be continuing stewardship obligations and NACF will continue modest, periodic financial support of our lessee farmers in major maintenance work — the deed restriction to ensure continuing affordability necessitates that.

But NACF’s primary focus can now shift to pursuing the vision of developing and nurturing a thriving farm community, for which we welcome your ideas and involvement.


The farmhouse exterior now completely restored with new roofing and siding. The interior is now divided into two separate dwelling units (the new side entry porch shown is to the front Unit). And we have added a separate Studio accommodation for a farm manager for a total of seven bedrooms — three more than before.

The Farm Manager Studio as it now looks 95% completed.

What a difference! 



THANK YOU to over 40 volunteers whose accumulated 3,000 hours of effort over nine months from August of last year was the backbone of the successful renovation.


And of course we look forward to your continued participation!

For information or to volunteer in the future, PLEASE CONTACT Bruce Coldham at bcoldham155@comcast.net
or call 413-348-6706

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  1. This is such a wonderful milestone!! Cheers and congratulations to everyone who helped with labor or materials or funding, and to the wonderful young farm folks who now and in the future live in the restored farmhouse!


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