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A year on — and what a year!

Our renovated farmhouse has entered its second year of active duty, and what a year. And what a life-line it has been for the farm. The arrival of the coronavirus and its associated stay-in-place orders has destroyed some businesses and severely hampered most others. SGF has had to adjust as well, but the expanded capacity of the farmhouse has meant that the essential farm labor force could live in a functional “bubble”, and this has been a lifesaver figuratively (and maybe also literally).

The seven occupants of the farmhouse live in two separate apartments with on-site access to all that needs to be done on the farm. They can and do perform their tasks safely and without the uncertainty associated with our current predicament.


“For us it is a beautiful house imbued with the love and support of a community that really cares”.

Farm Manager Jada Haas says — “We want to be at peak performance so that we can keep our regenerative agricultural systems going, making them better and better. Having this place to live so close and so comfortable, even without the pandemic, it’s so important. But now we can’t imagine how we would be functioning without it”.

So we all have even more to be proud of. Last summer when we raised the “last dollar” to secure the farm and its farmhouse for posterity we knew we had done well. Now it seems that we have done even better and more than we thought.


The farmhouse residents have their own intensive veggie patch

NACF continues our effort to improve the farm experience for our farm community, and we will continue to tell when and how you can help us.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION — Bruce Coldham at bcoldham155@comcast.net

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