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Help us restore this 1830’s farmhouse in North Amherst, MA

After two years of planning we are ready to start work renovating the farmhouse….

but first we need to raise a few bucks – and you can help!


We have successfully raised 90% of the $420,000 goal needed to convert the farmhouse into durably useful housing for farmers and farm laborers. This remaining 10% is the  “NACF share” of the total.

We have a well resolved design for the remodeling, we have contractors lined up to do the work that will restore the farmhouse to its 1830’s appearance, and we have a talented bunch of volunteer workers, many of whom worked on the construction of the adjacent Habitat for Humanity duplex house.  All we need are funds that NACF itself has committed to raising to start the process (Town funds and other funds that we have secured flow after work is completed).  So the fundraising event that we are holding at the Pioneer Valley Cohousing common house on Saturday morning (11AM until noon), June 30th is essential to beginning the work.  We have approximately $20,000 of our $30,000 goal promised — we are looking for another $10,000 on the day.

Please help us finish this project and either:

  1. email a pledged contribution to Bruce Coldham at bcoldham155@comcast.net
    or call Bruce at 413-348-6706 or,
  2. mail your contribution directly to  NACF at PO Box 9648, North Amherst, MA 01059,
  3. or donate online at Network for Good at 



We understand that some think that the major work has been done; the debt on the farm is extinguished and the long-term lease with Simple Gifts Farm is in place.  But, whereas, the $1.2M campaign was to retire the debt so that the farmland is owned by the community forever, our current campaign is to ensure that the farm can be sustainably managed with clean, safe, simple housing for the farm labor necessary to work the land and provide food for hundreds of people. The farmhouse allows the farm to operate the way we want it to operate — as a “community farm”. That is why it is as important.


Some volunteer workers already underway demolishing the dis-used rear chimney


  • $120,000 commitment from Simple Gifts Farm as their share of the work
  • $130,000 from the Town of Amherst CPA (specifically for the exterior restoration)
  • $20,000 from the Interfaith Housing Corp. of Amherst
  • $15,000 as a “go-ahead” challenge for our June 30th NACF ‘Brunch’ fundraising event
  • Another $15,000 “go-ahead” challenge for our June 30th 2019 NACF ‘Brunch’ fundraising event
  • $8,000± (probable) in incentive funding from Mass Save for insulation and efficiency upgrading
  • $60,000 (estimated) in volunteer labor commitment so far
  • $10,000 (estimated) in volunteer labor commitment from Smith Vocational School Plumbing program

That tallies to $378,000 secured (or probable) to date.  Now we need help from our friends and community.  Please donate to help us finish the job! 


Exploratory demolition proceeds recently to expose the historic structure of the “rear shed” — an original, un-heated part of the farmhouse. This will be renovated as a separate “Farm Manager’s Suite”  over the course of this coming year.

PLEASE CONTACT Bruce Coldham at bcoldham155@comcast.net
or call 413-348-6706

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