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North Amherst Farm House being restored

The North Amherst Community Farm is committed to restoring a historical farmhouse closer to its original 1830’s look!   And you can help (see below)!

Here is what we are up to!

On August 14th a group of volunteer workers began removing the old original wood clapboards to make way for new, and far more durable, fiber-cement siding that will save the farm maintenance cost long-term. That is the start of a nine month long project that will substantially renovate the farmhouse inside and out.


The last of the original siding— volunteers David Dunn, Rob Steinberg, Gene Palmer, and Bruce Griffin taking down the siding and guttering on the south side of the farmhouse.

We have organized and committed a dozen or more specialist sub-contractors — electricians, plumbers, painters, roofer, masons, insulators and more — to a work schedule lasting through the coming winter, and we have raised most (but not all) of the funds needed to pay for it.


A group of community volunteers assisted Dave on the tractor to complete the back-filling and preparing for the concrete floor slab.

Most especially, we have attracted, 30 or more skilled and semi-skilled volunteer workers to come on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and some Saturdays for the past four weeks — and we have done a lot of work . Ever hopeful, we imagine that we can keep this up for the next eight months. This is really a splendid example of community participation — and it will be a lasting legacy.


Farmer, Dave Tepfer, beginning the excavation of the foundation trenching under the rear shed. It’s tight in there with all of that temporary support structure.

Over the summer we obtained building permits and resolved permission to formally divide the farmhouse into a duplex of two independent dwelling units together with a private “studio suite” for a future, resident farm manager. We managed to secure comprehensive workers compensation insurance for our volunteer workforce.


Two Bruces begin to seal up the eastern basement bulkhead opening using salvaged stone — actually, Bruce Griffin is the mason and Bruce Coldham is supplying the mortar and the odd piece of rock

We still need your help to complete this project!

Here is how you can help!  Either:

  1. email a pledged contribution to Bruce Coldham at bcoldham155@comcast.net
    or call Bruce at 413-348-6706 or,
  2. mail your contribution directly to  NACF at PO Box 9648, North Amherst, MA 01059,
  3. or donate online at Network for Good at 



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